You Get SO much more photos

Because there are two photographers capturing the same moment of the day from a different angle, you get much more photos! When working with my husband (and second photographer), we will never be standing in the same spot to get a shot. This is to ensure that you will really get a variety of photos for your wedding day.

With two photographers, you get two different Angles

When doing the first look, we always strategize – my second photographer will be focusing on the groom’s reaction and I, the first photographer will focus on the bride’s reaction.

During the ceremony, the first shooter will be at the front of the aisle, and the second shooter will be at the back of the aisle. Here are two different angles shot at the same time:

First Look from two different angles:

Ceremony from two different angles:

You’re not doing a first look

Consider if you are doing a first look or not. If you aren’t doing a first look, having two Photographers is so necessary to help with the wedding day timeline. This wedding day timeline is the BEST one out there – especially if you are having a fall/winter wedding and if you want the most day light portraits.

Getting ready : 11-12:30 pm

First Photographer with Bride

Second Photographer with Groom

Photo taking: 1230-145 pm

Bride’s wedding party -First Photographer

Bride’s Family – First Photographer

Groom’s wedding party – Second Photographer

Groom’s Family – Second Photographer

Travel to Ceremony: 145-215 PM

Ceremony: 215-315PM

Photo Taking with BOTH sides: 315-345PM

Combined Wedding Party Photos

Combined Family Photos

345-430pm: Bride and Groom Portraits

430-530pm: Cocktail Hour

With this timeline, we get the most photos of each side of the family and each side of the wedding party even before the ceremony starts! This way, you can get to your cocktail hour much quicker!

530-9pm: Reception

Having two photographers can help You Save so much more time

Very often, the best light occurs during cocktail hour. While I grab some bride and groom portraits during cocktail hour, the second shooter can photograph your guests at cocktail hour. Choosing a package with two photographers is the most ideal if you want a stress free wedding day.

Saving time means saving money

Because you can streamline your wedding day timeline a lot better, you can get a smaller 8 hour package, rather than a 10 or 12 hour package. This means that you will be saving more money in the long run!

If you have a large wedding party

When having two shooters, the first shooter can get photos of the Bride’s wedding party while the second shooter can get photos of the Groom’s wedding party at the same time.

If you have a big guest count

Having a second photographer can help you get more coverage of the dance/party portion of your wedding. We can attend to different areas of the dance floor and capture all the moments happening at once!

My second photographer and I compliment each other with our styles

I work together with my husband and this enables us to be great at communication without verbally communicating to each other. We know how to support each other during the stresses and anxiety of the wedding day. Most importantly, while I am trained in Fine Arts, my husband on the other hand does not and lends a different eye to the wedding day. While I create artful, thoughtful and composed images, my husband creates lively, candid and in the moment images. I think the blend of our styles will make your wedding album much better!

Why have one photographer on your wedding day

  1. You have a small Guest Count
  2. You are eloping/having a mini celebration
  3. You are doing a first look

And lastly. these are the Benefits of having one photographer:

You dont get a second shooter in your photographs!

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