This article is for the bride to be who is considering doing a first look. The first look is super beneficial for a seamless and stress free wedding timeline. Here are my top reasons why you should do a first look!

What is a First Look?

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony. Traditionally, couples wait until the ceremony to see each other down the aisle. However, this is quickly changing as 80% of my weddings have a first look planned.

Should I do a First Look on my Wedding Day?

Maximize your Photo Coverage

Maximize the timeline with your Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Get more Bride and Groom Portraits

You Get SO many more photos throughout the day. Without a First look, you will be taking the majority of your photos after the ceremony. It is still possible to get amazing portraits and you can check out this Related Article: How to Plan a Stress-Free Wedding Timeline if you are not doing a First Look.

Have a variety of locations for Wedding Day Portraits

Can get more variety in locations for your Wedding Portraits. For example, if you are having a midtown wedding, you can have a portrait session at Top of the Rock for stunning city shots and then head over to Central Park for Nature shots!

Maximize natural light in your photos if you are having a Fall or Winter Wedding

In New York City, the sun usually sets by 430pm in the Winter. Very often, ceremonies usually happen in the evening time. If you are having a winter wedding, I strongly suggest doing a first look so that you can get bright and airy photos with natural light.

Spend more time together with your significant other on your Wedding Day

You get to spend more time with each other throughout the day! If you do choose to go the traditional route and see each other at the altar, that means you would only spend 50% of the wedding day with each other. If you do the first look, you get to spend more time with each other. The wedding day goes by so quickly and spending the day with your significant other can be so sweet!

Helps relief the anxiety of “performing” when walking down the aisle

When doing a first look, you would have an intimate moment with your soon to be husband or wife prior to the ceremony. This really does help calm the nerves of any bride or groom while walking down the aisle.

From past brides whom I’ve worked with, they have told me that the first look doesn’t take away from that “wow” moment when walking down the aisle!

If you’re having a religious wedding where you are not proclaiming your vows publicly, you can use this time during the first look to exchange personal and intimate words with each other.

You get to be present during cocktail hour with your guests

You don’t want to spend your cocktail hour taking photos, rather you can spend it with your guests and actually start the celebration early with your favorite glass of wine!

Build your ideal wedding timeline
Wedding of Krista and Dio at Bottino and Chelsea Piers

Enquire today to build your ideal wedding timeline with me! I would love to hear what is important to you on your wedding day and tailor a customized wedding timeline for you.

Reasons Why you should do a First Look

July 6, 2020




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