Planning a wedding can be so stressful! If you are a bride who loves a stress-free wedding day, this article is for you! Here are my top tips to plan a Stress-Free Wedding Day Timeline if you are not doing a first-look.

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There are so many benefits of doing a first-look but here are some reasons some couple opt-out of doing a first look.

Build your Ideal Wedding Timeline
Krista and Dio’s Bridal Party photos at Madison Square Garden

Reasons for not doing a First-Look

  1. Keeping to traditions

2. Keeping emotions real when you see each other down the aisle.

3. Religious Couples who are not allowed to see each other before the ceremony

Tips to Plan a Stress-Free Wedding Day Timeline

Get as much photos as possible BEFORE the ceremony

Get Groom Portraits, Bridal Portraits, Bride’s Family, Groom’s Family, Bridal Party and Groom Party before the ceremony.

Then organize for combined wedding party and family photos after the ceremony, this can be under a floral arch or on the steps outside of a church. It is best to keep this photo location on site to save on transport time.

Get ready in TWO different hotels

Typically the point of not doing a first-look is for the bride and groom to avoid seeing each other. Since you will be taking photos around the hotel with your bridal party and family, you definitely do not want to be crossing paths accidentally! I recommend getting ready in two different hotels to avoid this happening.

Have a photo wrangler

Appoint someone in your bridal party who is familiar with your family members and closest friends on both the groom and bride’s side to be a photo wrangler.

I also recommend hiring a Wedding planner to help coordinate your wedding day timeline.

If you don’t hire a wedding planner, fear not! My services include both photo and planning services. 1-2 months before your wedding day, we will set up an appointment to clarify the wedding timeline. As a bonus, I also ask for photos and names of your wedding party and family so that I know all of the important people prior to the wedding day itself!

Hire 2 Photographers to build your ideal wedding day timeline

Enquire here for second photographer packages. This would really help with getting the above portrait lists at two different locations at the same time. This would really allow you to maximize your wedding day timeline.

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Ask your Photographer for tips to build your ideal wedding day timeline

As a NYC wedding photographer, I have built multiple wedding timelines for my wedding couples. Enquire today to get your custom day wedding timeline.

Don’t be afraid to also ask your photographer for photo location recommendations around your hotel or wedding venue!

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Have a longer cocktail Hour

Typically, Cocktail Hour usually lasts around 1 hour and that starts right after the ceremony. Not doing a first look means that you won’t be getting Couple Photos before the ceremony. So this means that Couple Photos are done during cocktail hour! If you want more time to get your photos taken and also have time to greet your guests during cocktail hour, it is best to schedule for a longer cocktail hour for stress-free photo taking!

If you are having a wedding in NYC and would not like to do a first look, enquire here for pricing and availability. I would be happy to schedule a photo consultation with you and your fiance to build your ideal wedding day timeline!

How to Plan a Stress-Free Wedding Day Timeline without a First Look

July 5, 2020




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