There are so many parts of the day to plan for a Wedding itself, let alone having a Chinese Wedding. Discuss with your partner how traditional your wedding will be. Will you be adhering to certain traditions or will you be doing a hybrid Chinese- Western Wedding? No matter what you choose, an essential part of a Chinese Wedding is planning a Chinese Tea Ceremony. As an NYC Chinese Wedding Photographer, This is one of my favorite parts of photographing a Chinese Wedding.

Chinese Wedding Photography NYC

How to plan for a Chinese Tea ceremony

Items you need for a Chinese Tea Ceremony

  1. 2 pillows for you and your partner to kneel on
  2. 2 chairs for your elders to sit on
  3. A red tea set!
  4. Prepare the Chinese Tea – Traditionally, Red date tea or a mix of Longan and red date is used.

The Logistics

Have a list of all the essential elders you are serving to. Then appoint someone in your bridal party to read this list out. This will really help with having a smooth wedding day timeline.

Ask your NYC Chinese Wedding Photographer to recommend a wedding day timeline for you!

Traditionally the order of who you serve tea to will start with your oldest to youngest relative. If you are not hosting the tea ceremony at the groom’s and bride’s house respectively, then I would recommend serving the groom’s relatives first and then proceed to serve the bride’s relatives.

Traditionally, an older married woman will be helping you pour tea and serving it to you before you serve this to your elders. However, if you are not so traditional, appoint this task to one of your bridesmaids to help out with this!

The Venue

Traditionally, the Chinese Tea ceremony happens in the Groom’s house and subsequently the Bride’s House. In many cases, I have couples doing their tea ceremony at their venue itself right before their white wedding ceremony.


Will you be hosting the tea ceremony a day prior to your actual Wedding Day? During Cocktail Hour? Or before the Ceremony?

List of items to communicate to your NYC Chinese Wedding Photographer

When hiring a Wedding Photographer to shoot your NYC Chinese Wedding, is hiring an NYC Chinese Speaking Photographer important to you?

I also recommend hiring a photographer who understands the culture and nuances of certain traditions.

Communicate to your photographer how traditional your wedding will be – For example, do you require a table to table group photos with all your guests?

Communicate to your photographer how many guests you will be serving tea to at your tea ceremony

Will you be doing a gate crash?

Have you decided on the location of your tea ceremony? Will it be at the bride’s and groom’s house respectively?

A few of my favorite Chinese POC Wedding Vendors

Cantonese Emcee: Ming the MC

Wedding Planner: Ang Weddings and Events

Chinese Wedding Dresses: East Meets Dress

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Enquire today if you are looking for a Chinese (Mandarin) Speaking NYC Wedding Photographer

Tips from a Chinese NYC Wedding Photographer: How to plan a Chinese Wedding in New York City

July 10, 2020




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