Bilingual Wedding Invites

This article was inspired by my own process of designing a bilingual wedding invite. Our Wedding consisted of our friends and family. On top of this, majority of our guest list were our parent’s friends. This article is targeted to Chinese/ Mandarin Couples who are designing their own wedding invites. However, these tips can be extended to any kind of culture and language you speak!

What aspects of your culture is important to you? How can this be extended to how you greet your guests?

In our chinese invites we used more polite words such as “” when greeting our guests.

Include your Parent’s Name in your invites

In chinese culture, respecting your elders is very important. For our wedding invites, we paid homage to this by including the names of our fathers.

Proofread everything!

When you are planning two invites, one in English and the other in your mothertongue, make sure any revisions are changed for both sides of your invites.

Also, pass on the revisioned files to someone who knows the native language well. Having an extra set of eyes to check things over is super helpful!

Consider text and font size

If your parent’s main invite list are to their friends, they are probably going to send out their invites to older people who might have troubles viewing small fonts.

Make sure your invites are readable and easy on the eyes – your guests will thank you and you won’t have to deal with family members messaging you about wedding details if they can’t read their invites!

Have physical RSVPs instead of e-rsvp

Online RSVPs are becoming very popular! And although this is convenient for your friends and family, consider your parent’s guest lists. For the older generation who struggles with technology, include physical RSVPs in their wedding suite for their convenience.

Some Wedding Websites to use are Zola and The Knot.

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Our tea ceremony set up designed by my mom and photographed by Gusmank Photography!

5 things to consider when designing your Bilingual Wedding Invite

June 30, 2020




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