As a NYC Wedding Photographer, I have honed my skills as a Fine Art Wedding Photographer over the years. This article is an introduction to Fine Art Wedding Photography to help you decide if this Wedding Photography style is right for you. Here are all the things you need to know about when hiring a NYC Fine Art Wedding Photographer.

New York City Wedding Photographer

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What is Fine Art Wedding Photography?

This is a genre of wedding photography popularized by Jose Villa. It is when a photographer incorporates the use of film photography while shooting your wedding day. It has now become an aesthetic that is associated with “bright and airy” photos.

Questions to ask a Fine Art Wedding Photographer

What percentage of film to digital do you shoot?

What parts of the day do you shoot with film?

Can I see images during the reception and dance floor? How do you handle digital lighting without day light?

What kind of film do you shoot with? Do you shoot with a 35 mm? or medium Format 6 by 45?

How are film photos delivered?

Reasons to Hire a Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Attention to detail

Digital images are Color Corrected to mimic film photography

Knowledge of Art History

What does being a Fine Art Wedding Photographer in New York City mean to me?

Having a strong grasp in Art History, image-making and storytelling has been a big part of my education.

I have a Masters degree in Fine Arts (MFA) from Parsons and a BFA from the University of British Columbia. A huge part of living in New York is going to museums and seeing art. Being able to see and experience art in person allows me to create Fine Art Imagery for your Wedding day.

Some of my favorite Painters that I look for inspiration are:

Van Gough for his use of vibrant colors and the way his paintings become 3 dimensional with the use of a spatula.

The painting technique of Pointillism for the use of individually painted dots to form an image. I love how this optical illusion causes the viewer to see fuller range of color tones.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard‘s The Swing is a painting that has highly influenced the way I see the world. I love the playful subject matter, the painting technique of how pastel colors are used, and how this image although is playful, also has a romantic touch. I love the strong use of movement, you can really feel the woman swinging in the image, and you as a viewer are moving through the image as you focus on the woman, the man peeping under her skirt and cupid looking at a flying shoe.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard‘s The Swing

A few of my favorite Contemporary artists:

In Contemporary art, Kara Walker is one of my favorite artists for her use of storytelling. Her earlier works consist of silhouettes that tell a story of Black Slavery in the United States. The content of her work is based on historical trauma, pain, and suffering, but does so through narrative and story-telling.

And lastly, I love Cindy Sherman’s self-portraits where she challenges the male gaze. As a NYC Wedding Photographer, love how she uses New York City as a backdrop for many of her self portraits and the way she photographs the City in a classic and timeless way.

Cindy Sherman’s self portraits

How will my experiences as a NYC Fine Art Wedding Photographer benefit you?

Creating Timeless and Classic Photos

For me, I draw inspiration from the artists before me. Today, in an image-making society where visuals are easily consumed I am inspired by art history to create timeless and classic images for your wedding day.

Having an Educational Background in Fine Arts

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine arts and this should put you in ease with my technical knowledge. I am capable of shooting with both film and digital and am knowledgeable about using lighting equipment when necessary.

Composition and Lighting

Understanding composition and lighting is so important when directing your Wedding Day. Mastering this aspect of my craft, and being able to do it under a time crunch is paramount when taking your NYC Wedding Day Photographs.

Having an attention to detail

As a photographer, I am trained in the way I see the world. Whether it is fixing a stray hair, giving your dress a little lift so that it can enhance your figure, or photographing your wedding day details such as your wedding invites and wedding rings, I’ve got you covered!

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Communication and Direction

Being able to help with posing is crucial in creating editorial like images that makes you look like you walked out of a Vogue Photoshoot.

As a NYC Wedding Photographer, my goal is to make you feel comfortable with your significant other without being too overly posed.

I analyze your facial feature and then enhance them with directions. For example, if you look your best in a 3/4 angle, I will pose you and your partner that will enhance your facial features to make you look the best.

A mix of Editorial and Emotional Photos that tells your Unique story

Creating editorial images are important but also candid images that convey emotion is crucial to my approach to photographing a wedding day.

I love capturing the unexpected moments, the in between moments that you cannot replicate in any other setting.

It is these photos that no amount of art history knowledge can help you recreate.

It is the untamed, the raw, the emotional connection that I strive to create in my storytelling.

If you are looking for a NYC Wedding Photographer, enquire today to know more about my approach to your wedding day.

All you need to know about when hiring a NYC Fine Art Wedding Photographer

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