Winter weddings in NYC are increasing in popularity in recent years. With lots of rescheduled weddings from covid, we noticed that winter weddings are becoming more popular because couples are faced with venues being all booked out in the nicer, warmer months. Read all about the pros and cons of having a winter wedding in NYC!


Being surrounded with the festive spirit in the city

For couples who love a Christmas themed or New Years Eve party, having a winter wedding in NYC is ideal for them. The city is adorned with beautiful Christmas lights in the winter and it looks beautiful and super festive! It gets everybody in the mood to celebrate and to be around the people they love.

Winter Wedding at Central Park Loeb Boathouse


Lots of venues have off-season pricing. Getting married in the winter means that couples can save a little bit of money here and there with lower pricing.

Accommodating Holiday schedules for your out of town guests

With lots of public holidays that happen during the winter months, your out of town guests can stack their time off with public holidays. That way, they can maximize their winter break – attend your wedding and also have a great time as a tourist in New York City. ( Check out this guide for a 4 day new york city holiday! This can give you some ideas to put into your wedding website)


Having a winter wedding means that you have to be prepared for day light savings.

The sun sets at around 430 pm in the winter so planning ahead would be best. Here are some tips to help maximize having photos with natural light.

  1. Have a first look in the early morning
  2. Have an earlier ceremony time – I recommend having this before sunset at around 330 pm.
  3. Using fairy lights in your venue to set a festive mood

it is COLD

Having a winter wedding means that you have to be ready for the cold. Here are some tips to help with having a more comfortable session outdoors.

  1. Use hand warmers
  2. Pick a long sleeved dress or maybe a furry coat to make a fashion statement yet keep warm!
  3. Bring a big wool blanket to cozy up when walking in between locations
Winter Wedding at Central Park Loeb Boathouse

Have your Ceremony and Reception indoors

With temperatures being so uncertain, always have an indoor ceremony and reception. That way, your guests can be comfortable and you don’t have to worry about any last minute back up plans!

have your ceremony indoors to avoid any weather complications!

Unforseen weather surprises

With the weather being so unpredictable, be prepared for a snow storm or rain. Always have a indoor back up venue for your photo session and for your ceremony, opt to have your ceremony indoors. Check out this post for a list of indoor photo locations in NYC that you can consider for your wedding day.

Who knows a snow storm might actually turn out to be a con when you get dreamy snowy photos in new york city!

Winter Wedding Epic Photo at Staple Street
Staple Street at Tribeca during a Winter snow storm in NYC

The pros and cons of a winter wedding in NYC

January 23, 2022




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