Ideas for a Rainy Wedding Day in New York City

If you’re expecting that you may have rain on your wedding day, it’s important to come up with a backup plan. Working with your wedding photographer is important when it comes to a rainy wedding day contingency plan. When you envision your wedding day, having rain on the forecast can make any couple nervous.

I have shot incredible weddings in the rain before and I love how romantic the images have turned out to be. There are plenty of things to consider if it is forecasted to rain on your wedding day. These are my top tips for planning around a rainy wedding day.

On a Rainy Wedding Day, Consider Converting the Space

When it comes to a rainy wedding day, even a chance of rain should prompt you to consider a backup plan. Chat with your venue to see what the possibilities are for your ceremony space. Many locations for wedding photos in NYC offer the option to convert your space into an indoor ceremony area.

Check to see if you can convert your indoor reception area into a ceremony space as well. There are also some outdoor ceremony venues that can offer the option to add a roof or tent over the space. It depends on how hard it is going to rain during the ceremony or reception. If you have a wedding planner, check with them to see what options you might have.

Purchase Clear Umbrellas for Dancing in the Rain on Your Rainy Wedding Day

If there’s inclement weather on the forecast, clear umbrellas can bring some cheer. I love it when couples are down to shoot in the rain! Having clear plastic umbrellas can be an aesthetic choice and a nice touch to your wedding portraits in the rain.

These umbrellas are great for rainy day weddings. This is because they’ll let the light shine through! That way, rain or shine, you’ll have light shining through on you for your photos. Don’t let some clouds ruin your big day!

Enjoy Every Second with Your Spouse

Life has its ups and downs. Although a rainy wedding isn’t always ideal for those having an outdoor wedding, it’s a new challenge to embrace with your partner. Choosing to deal with a so-called “negative” event in a positive way is the best choice you can make. Dealing with this rainy wedding day as a couple will make you unstoppable!

Consider an Indoor Location for Family and Wedding Party Photos

Family and bridal party photos can become quite a chaotic process. Decide on an indoor location to get these images done. It’s great for time management on your wedding day. Your wedding venue may have some beautiful options, or consider some other iconic NYC wedding ideas for photos.

Think about spots like Grand Central Station, the lobby of your hotel, or maybe at your venue for your rainy wedding day. Your rehearsal dinner spot may be open to you taking photos there as well. Wherever you decide on your rainy wedding day photos, think about how you’re going to transport in your wedding dress on the big day.

Work With Pockets of Time When the Rain Stops

In New York City, the rain usually comes and go throughout the day. My biggest tip is to plan outdoor NYC wedding portraits taken during pockets of time when the rain stops. This is usually best planned a few days beforehand if you can.

If you’re nervous about rain on the forecast, we can work together to figure it out. I’m always wishing my couples good luck with their weather, but sometimes plans can change. They do say that a rainy wedding day is good luck, after all! Reach out, and we’ll talk through your contingency plan for rainy weather on a wedding day.

How to Create a Rainy Wedding Day Contingency Plan

May 15, 2020




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