Over the past week, I have received several emails regarding contingency plans during this global epidemic. Gatherings of 50 people are not allowed in New York City, guests are cancelling on couples, Trump’s policy limiting travel back and forth European countries makes guests who are flying in difficult.

Below are a few things that I have learnt during the past week:

  1. Trying to be there logistically and emotionally for my couples. The first thing I ask my clients is to share their venue’s contingency plan  with me. That way, it would give me a better idea on how I can give a tailored approach to create a contingency plan together.  These are a few options that I would consider if a wedding has to be rescheduled:

    1. How long does the venue let you postpone the wedding for? My clients shared with me that their wedding can only be postponed up to 2 months from their initial wedding date. This gives me a better idea of how I can work my schedule into their contingency plans.
    2. Would you be open to rescheduling to a weekday in the future? Consider looking into a Thursday/Friday wedding since most vendors are booked on the weekends.
    3. Ask your wedding vendor how their schedule is looking if  you would like to reschedule to another weekend. For me, I limit myself to 13-15 weddings at most per year to give each couple time and attention with planning, shooting the wedding and delivering images. This means that I do have some open weekends in the year and rescheduling to a weekend is totally possible!
    4. Consider an elopement or Pre Wedding shoot on the date that you’ve scheduled your wedding day to be. If the date you picked is important to you to keep (this can vary from personal to legal reasons), maybe planning a Pre Wedding Shoot would be a good idea to keep those memories for yourselves! After all, you would have your make up and hair artists and a gorgeous wedding dress all ready to go!
  2. My personal health and safety is important for me to be present for wedding season, whether or not it is happening

    1. I have been staying home more, boosting my immune system with cooked vegetables and herbal teas.
    2. The health of your wedding vendors is very important , after all it is a service based industry. I would ask your wedding vendors what their contingency plan is if they are not able to be present for the wedding. Do they have a replacement professional who can help carry out the services?
  3. Time has suddenly slowed down. This makes me think of a TO DO list that I’ve procrastinated on

    1. Clean up my personal and digital work space. This means getting rid of unnecessary folders in my desktop, Marie Kondo-ing my closet, cleaning up dust bunnies under the bed
    2. Spend quality time with my husband. I now have a list of recipes that I would like to try! Cooking a meal made with love is a way of  showing that my appreciation for all the things he has done for me!
    3. Check in with friends and family. With time on my hands, I want to schedule more face time calls with friends and family. Being there for them during this time of crisis is important to me.
    4.  Work on a marketing plan! I’m so excited to share with you all what’s to come 😀

In the meanwhile, I would like to share some of these photos from a Pre-wedding shoot that I’ve done! Make up and hair @colorfulloop_wedding Bride: @darisal_a

Contingency plans for future Wedding couples during COVID 19 EPIDEMIC

March 19, 2020




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