Romantic Ways to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary at Home

With so much more time we have on our hands, spending quality time with your loved one is a silver lining during this time in quarantine. Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at home. I hope you enjoy this short list of ideas to do while being at home!

Come up with a home made meal! Some of my classic go-to meals to are:

  1. Steak and Potatoes
  2. Shrimp and Scallop Pesto Pasta
  3. Have a Taco Night!
  4. White Wine and Butter Mussels

Set the Table!

Just because you’re having a home made meal doesn’t mean it can’t be fancy! Some of my favorite stories with the best homeware are: Anthropologie, West Elm and CB2!

Watch your Wedding Video!

They say you see your wedding photos (almost) everyday. You would most likely have your wedding photo framed or maybe as a lock screen on your phone. BUT, when it comes to your wedding video, you would most likely watch it 3 times at most! Take this time to watch your wedding video with your partner! It would be such a perfect time to walk down memory lane. It’s such a nice way to celebrate your wedding anniversary at home!

Turn on some ambient music

You know those days where you have constant movie nights or if you’re binge watching a new netflix series? Those movie nights are awesome but save this night for some quality time to talk with your partner, to reminisce the past, be excited about the future, and fully present in the now!

Pop a bottle of Wine!

Whenever I walk into a liquor store, I become so overwhelmed with the amount of choices there is! My husband has a hidden talent to choose the best wines out there. Here are some of my favorite bottles that we have enjoyed!

Chianti Red Wine – this pairs perfectly with a nice piece of Wagyu

Muscadet White Wine – goes really well with Clams or mussels!

Have a photoshoot at home!

I love remembering important days in our lives through photos. There is just something tangible about capturing a special day. Check out this article for a posing guide.

What Gabriel and I did to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary at home

I designed a tablescape inspired by out honeymoon and paid homage to the signature colors of Santorini. The blue and white domes and the endless seafood meals we have had on our honeymoon. During our trip, I purchased these handmade linen hand towels from Santorini and this really inspired how this tablescape was formed!

When it comes to taste buds, I love cooking Japanese meals. So if you were to blend the two cultures of Greek and Japan together, this would be it! I took a more minimalistic approach to the design of the table. A simple cherry blossom frames the table, with sake cups on the side that replaced the typical wine glasses.

For our weekend celebration, I cooked up a few seafood related dishes. We recently discovered a wholesaler in NY, Pierless Fish. They supply seafood to restaurants in NY but given the pandemic, the demand from restaurants have fallen and they now do home delivery too.

One of the dishes I made were fish tacos – with a fusion twist. We love having Ahi Tunas at Japanese restaurants so we decided to make a tuna taco!

We seared the edges of the tuna fillet, served with a mango and tomato salsa and on top of that, I made a sesame-wasabi-mayo drizzle! It was perfection in a bite.

For dinner, I made a baked Branzino fish with butter and capers. We paired it with a pinot noir and had lemon bars for desserts!

We finished off the day with a mini shoot. You can check out these images along with a posing guide here!

I hope you and your loved one find this article helpful to help celebrate your own wedding anniversary at home!

How to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary at Home

May 21, 2020




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