As an editorial wedding photographer in the city, I am lucky enough to work alongside my partner, Gabe. He is an incredible NYC wedding videographer and we love collaborating on wedding days. It’s the best way to capture your special moments – with a team who knows how to get the big moments captured in both photo and video. Let’s read on about how to capture your special day to the fullest extent with both kinds of coverage.

Should You Hire an NYC Wedding Videographer?

You may be on the fence about whether or not you want videography coverage. But let’s be honest: having more coverage of your love story is always better! It’s important to capture your day in as many ways as possible. You deserve to have all of the details of your wedding day captured on camera.

New York Wedding Photo and Video Couple

A wedding is a unique love story that deserves to be told in different ways – through photos, video and memories shared with your loved ones. So why not have two talented artists documenting your big day? Two heads are better than one! When a person gets married, they share the memories of the day with friends and family. Photos are an important part of sharing those memories. With a good editorial photographer and NYC wedding videographer, you can relive those special moments through photos for years to come.

Why You Should Have a Wedding Video

Romantic wedding photography in New York is the best. You get to relive tons of special moments and see the faces of your loved ones celebrating this new chapter. However, there are some things that video does so magically. It captures those in-between moments and facial expressions that can be lost in a photo. It shows the emotions shared between your friends and family. It captures all of those small moments you can’t really remember, but somehow make this day unforgettable. It brings back memories like laughter, tears (of joy) and even that funny moment when you cut the cake.

Hear the Voice of Your Partner Saying Their Vows

Watching your partner say their vows is a beautiful moment; it’s even more powerful through video. Some couples choose to share these moments with loved ones who weren’t able to be there in person and can’t wait to relive those words over and over again.

The Video of Your First Look

It’s a moment you can’t get back. The first time you see your new spouse on the wedding day! A romantic and emotional moment – perfect for video – is seeing each other before the ceremony. What makes it even better? Seeing your partner crying happy tears, an important memory to have forever.

See Your Loved Ones Give Toasts to You As a Couple

You may think you don’t need video coverage at your wedding, but how about an emotional toast to the bride and groom? Toasts are often heartfelt with family members sharing important stories about the newlyweds. It’s something you can cherish for years to come. Sharing these moments with friends and family is one of the best parts of having this video coverage at your wedding.

The Benefit of an Editorial Photography and NYC Wedding Videographer Duo

As a married couple, we understand the ups and downs that go into a wedding day.  You go through months of planning, you look into each other’s eyes, you break the rules. As an editorial photographer and NYC wedding videographer, we work together to capture all of those moments. There are times where we split up because it’s necessary. Sometimes Gabe is with the groom while I am photographing the bridal party getting ready or vice versa depending on the situation. We work as a team, and we know that having two shooters at your wedding can be such an advantage.

Having a Consistent Aesthetic in Your Wedding Memories

The best part of having a team who works together regularly is sharing an aesthetic. Your wedding photos and videography will have the same styles of editing and keep things consistent in your memories. You’ll have a consistent look that is unique to you as a couple. You can rest easy knowing that more than one person will be there to capture the magic of your wedding day! Having two talented artists also means you get many different angles and perspectives on your big day.

Editorial NYC Wedding Videographer and Photographer Team

When Gabe photographs, he has an artistic eye – capturing moments from a bird’s-eye view or shooting down at an angle that shows the wedding venue perfectly. He also has a knack for adding in light, shadows and spotlighting certain shots to make it more dramatic. For me, I have a photographic storytelling approach with capturing details of your day – seeing what you can’t see — all of those small moments are captured. I also have a painterly approach – adding color and artistic flare to the photos. We both bring something different to your wedding memories.

Do You Need an Elopement Video for Micro-Weddings?

If you’re having a small wedding or just eloping with the two of you, videography is just as important. In fact, having an NYC wedding videographer may be even more important in those moments. You’ll be able to include family and friends in these special moments by sharing a video with them of the big day. There are no rules to planning a wedding – whether it’s a black-tie gala or a backyard BBQ, the choices you make and how you celebrate your love and commitment is what matters. Your story matters and will be documented with beautiful imagery by your NYC wedding videographer and photographer.

Hire Rebecca and Gabe for Your New York Wedding Coverage

We are a husband and wife editorial photography and NYC wedding videographer team with experience working weddings of all kinds. We attend dozens of weddings each year, both big and small, to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. It’s important to us to deliver the best quality experience for you. We are professional, compassionate, creative and dedicated to our craft.

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Why You Should Have an NYC Wedding Videographer Team

February 2, 2022




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