Backyard weddings – there’s no denying that they’ve become a 2021 trend.

Whether on Instagram, Pinterest or even Tiktok – they’re definitely making a presence.

There’s so many things to love about them – being able to celebrate your best day in an intimate setting that still retains that casual vibe.

If you think a backyard wedding is for you – here are our best tips.

Think of utilizing any kind of outdoor spaces

The best part of backyard weddings are obviously the space.

If you can use a space you already have – that’s a plus!

In this case, the wedding utilised the space around their family pool by placing smaller tables.

They may be smaller, but they definitely didnt scrimp on style! Little details like the greenery on the plates complimented the venue perfectly.

DIY your backyward wedding arch!

If ever there was an opportunity to go crazy on DIY – this would be it!

This gorgeous rustic wedding arch goes perfectly with the lush green settings – making it look like something out of a Disney scene.

It’s so simple – but it just works.

Don’t skimp on details

A backyard wedding might give off a casual simple vibe – but that definitely doesn’t mean it has to be simplistic.

These small details will go a long way to making the wedding look a lot more cohesive, and tie everything in beautifully together.

We’re loving what this couple did with their foliage wedding place card!

Hire caterers and have your favorite food!

Need we say more? Whether its a food van, cocktail station or just a buffet line – this is a great chance to get creative with your food!

Dont skip on wedding traditions like cake cutting and first dances

You can even convert space to make a makeshift dancefloor – perfect for partying the night away!

Have a designated theme for your backyard

This backyard wedding had a tropical theme and I loved how orchids are used to decorate the wedding cake!

DIY your DJ Setup! Get some speakers and hook it up to your spotify playlist.

You knows what your favourite songs are more than you?

Work with a wedding planner to help organize your day

Think of a way to “walk into” and “exit” your backyward wedding space

Intimate celebrations with people who matter

And remember, even if this was not the wedding you originally planned for – embrace the moment!

What matters at the end of the day is spending time with the people who really matter – whether that’s in a ballroom or a backyard wedding.

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March 17, 2021




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