As a creative with multiple interests, I have found myself dabbling into multiple creative outlets other than Wedding Photography. I have found ways to offer multiple services to hone my skill as a photographer and increase income. Today I share what I do during Off Wedding Seasons.

Food Photography with The Food Network

  1. As a wedding photographer, photographing food is embedded in the timeline of events. I like to get images of the cake, the food, appetizers and drinks during cocktail hour. Having a shot list and performing in an intense environment are all skills that are transferrable when I shoot on set with The Food Network.

Brand Events with Laura Marcier, Moda Operandi and La Force

  1. Weddings are a documentation of a highly stylized event. As a wedding photographer, you have to be great at shooting in a variety of lighting situations. You’re trained to shoot in beautiful natural light, dim hotel rooms, harsh afternoon light, a high ceiling ballroom to a farm tent lighted with string lights. Brand Events often happen at night and are indoors and having technical knowledge of working in terrible lighting is awesome!
  2. Documenting the day in a non obtrusive way is key to get “in- the – moment” photos.
  3. As a wedding photographer, you often work with clients who don’t feel comfortable being in front of the camera. Knowing how to pose your subject is essential when working with PR events. Brands often work with influencers and getting images of them increases likelihood of them using the images on their platforms.

Photo Retouching with E – Commerce Moda Operandi

  1. For me, retouching my own images rather than outsourcing is so important to me. Color tones are what brings my images to life and are essential to how I brand myself.
  2. When you edit your own images, you improve technically. When I first started out, some of my images were so grainy. I realized that while shooting in dark situations, an ISO 6400 and above is a no go.
  3. I have been photo retouching with Moda Operandi and my knowledge of Photoshop has grown tremendously. Learning new tricks and tips to remove distracting elements in wedding photos is so satisfying!

The Importance of having Multiple streams of Income: Supplementing Weddings with Food Photography, Brand Events and Photo Retouching

March 21, 2020




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