As Mothers Day is this weekend, I thought I would share these snaps that hold dear to my heart.

My mother and I have a really close knit relationship. Growing up, I’ve always wanted a sister. Being the middle child between two brothers isn’t the most ideal! I remember how they used to team up against me to make my life miserable. That was how we used to bond lol!

My mom was my shopping buddy, my fashion inspiration and why I became a photographer in the first place.

She was obsessed with documenting every moment in our lives. I remember how upset she was when my dad took 30 minutes to climb up to a tower so that she can get a shot of me, my brothers and her with the beautiful landscape when visiting a vineyard one day.

My Dad struggled to take the shot while we stood under the scorching heat. And yet, he failed to get the shot. She was so upset that her vision didn’t come true to life.

In many aspects, I feel like I have inherited this from her. The strive for perfection, the need to turn an idea into something tangible. I also love how photography has always been a part of our lives. To be able to look back in time to see how we have grown and matured throughout time.

On our wedding day, it was so hectic and crazy. We unfortunately missed the most important shot of all. A portrait of just me and my mom.

Fast forward 3 months later when I visited Singapore again, we decided to do a reshoot in my wedding dress at our wedding venue. Evadne our wedding coordinator from Raffles Hotel was so kind and understanding. She allowed us to come into the hotel for 2 hours to get some amazing portraits!

These photos mean the world to me. Having an opportunity to have a 3 generation photo of me, my mom and my grandmother is so precious.

Even though they are separate from the wedding day, I can still say that I got a portrait with my mother and my grandmother.

Remember to wish your mother a very Happy Mothers Day! To all the mothers out in the world, thank you for your patience, humility and love.



Our Wedding Day: Mother-Daughter Portraits at Raffles Hotel Singapore

May 9, 2020




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