Jameson and Randi’s Proposal session quickly turned into a postponed engagement session when Jameson lost his engagement ring on the day he was supposed to propose! A nightmare turned into a crazy story when the ring was found by a kind lady who worked around the flatiron district. The couple posted tons of posters around the area and the lady who found the ring came across the poster and immediately contacted the couple!

For our engagement session, we started with a quick photo session with the kind lady who was a hero to Jameson and Randi. She found the ring on the ground right in front of Merci Market so we decided to get photos there.

After that, we walked around the neighborhood where Jameson and Randi spends most of the time at. And we ended the session at Madison Square Garden!

A horror story turned into a beautiful story and I can’t believe their engagement ring was found! What a crazy adventure but at the end of the day, the couple was so thankful and grateful for a kind soul that exists in NYC!

City Chic Engagement Session at the Flatiron district

February 4, 2022




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