Ariel and Andy celebrated their Engagement Party with their friends and family at a family friend’s apartment on the Upper East Side. Prior to the event, we squeezed in a short Central Park Session by the Bow Bridge and the Iconic lake overlooking the Dakato Apartments. The lighting was so dreamy that day and I’m so honored to have photographed such a good looking couple in New York’s Iconic Spot for an Engagement Session.

When is the best time to have an engagement session at Central Park?

The best time is the break of dawn – the morning light at Central Park is absolutely gorgeous! If you however, can’t wake up at 4am to get your hair and make up done, I recommend doing a evening session. The one downside is that the park can be quite crowded during this time.

This engagement session at Central Park was taken in the evening on a cloudy day.

Can you recommend a few locations for an engagement session at Central Park?

A few of my favorite spots are Bow Bridge, Bethesda Chapel and Fountain and the Mall!

How do you prepare for an engagement session?

Ariel is the PR manager of Laura Marcier so obviously, getting her hair and makeup was super important to her. When planning an engagement session, hiring a good make up and hair stylist is so important. Ariel got her hair done at The Dry Bar and her make up artist is from Laura Marcier.

How do you coordinate outfits?

Wearing a white dress for an engagement session is a great idea if you would like to go for a bridal look. I love how Ariel’s dress had a cut out at the back and a high slit in the front. She seriously pulled this look off so well, I remembered Andy saying “WOWZAS” when she walked out of the room in this dress.

Andy wore a blue suit with a pop of brown shoes. Going too formal can never go wrong when planning for an engagement session. I also love how he chose a purple shirt to go with his blue suit.

Romantic and Classy Central Park Engagement Session

July 19, 2020




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