This engagement session at Central Park with Elena and Michael was absolutely beautiful! You could just sense the sparks flying between the couple. We also caught the evening light and the weather was just perfect!


The best time to to shoot an engagement session at Central Park is in the early morning at around 7-9 AM. The morning light is beautiful at Central Park.

There’s also no doubt golden hour is gorgeous but shooting at Central Park in the evening can be very tricky.

However, if that is the timing you prefer, always schedule your photoshoot on the weekdays.

Some of the most picturesque spots in the park are below:

  1. Bethesda Fountain
  2. Bethesda Chapel
  3. Bow Bridge
  4. Cherry Hill
  5. The Rock (overlooking the skating rink)

To visit all those spots above, enter Central Park from either of these addresses here for the least amount of walking.

  1. 72nd st and Central Park West
  2. 72nd st and 5th Avenue

Tips to Coordinate your outfit for your engagement session

  1. In this picture here, Elena wore a beautiful golden dress that complimented the ceilings of the Bethesda Chapel

TIP 1: Coordinate the color of your outfit with your surroundings. It doesn’t need to be a complete match but complimenting colours should work best!

Central Park Engagement Photos at Bethesda Terrace

2. Coordinate your outfit with your significant other for the engagement session. Think matching colors – If you choose to wear a blue dress, maybe have your significant other wear a pop of blue in a tie or bow tie! I love how the green dress complimented a blue suit!

Central Park Engagement Photos at the Mall

3. Think of the mood you want to convey. Here, Elena and Michael set up a cute picnic in the gardens – wanting to evoke a romantic yet casual look. I loved the mini dress that Elena picked out for the session.

Couple having a picnic at Central Park

Here are some of my favorite photos:

If you’re planning an engagement session soon, here are some outfit ideas.

And here’s another beautiful session to get you inspired.

A beautiful engagement session at Central Park: Elena and Michael

August 23, 2021




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