About the Cherry Blossoms

If you are looking for the best locations in NYC to catch the Cherry blossoms, you are in the right place! Not going to lie but the Cherry blossoms are WHY i love spring in New york so much. in 1912, Japan gifted the US cherry trees and till this day, it has become the main attraction for New Yorkers in the Spring time.

When is the best time to catch the Cherry Blossoms?

The Cherry Blossoms in New york starts to bloom mid April through early May so be sure to inquire today for an engagement session a with the Cherry blossoms! The locations recommended below usually gets super packed on the weekends so I always recommend doing an early morning weekday session. That way, you don’t have to wait in line for your turn to get a clean picture and you won’t feel bad shooing photo bombers away!

Cherry Hill at Central Park

These sakuras at Cherry hill will be the first to bloom in the city. These will usually start blooming early april. These are white and pink in color and they usually don’t last long. They are insanely beautiful though if you manage to catch them at the right time! On this sloping lawn, the pink and white blooms of the Yoshino cherry hills is a stunning backdrop for photos. To get here, enter from the park entrance at Central Park west and 72nd Street. Follow the pathway to Cherry Hill Fountain and you should be able to spot these beautiful sakuras from afar!

Loeb Boathouse Central Park

Enter the park from 5th avenue and 72nd street and here you will find individual cherry blossom trees. Although not as clustered together like Cherry Hill, these cherry blossom trees are shorter than the ones spawn across Cherry Hill. This makes for beautiful up close photos with the cherry blossoms!

Conservatory Gardens

The Conservatory Gardens have beautiful plum blossoms and these typically bloom between the 3-4 week of April.

West side of the reservoir at Central Park (85th street and Central Park West)

These start blooming end April -early May. These Kwanzan Cherry trees are mainly planted through the west and east side of Central Park between 80-96th street). in my opinion, the west side of the reservoir is more beautiful than the east side.

Washington Square Park

These Plum blossom trees are darker in color – they are mostly a darker shade of pink and look purple when clustered together. The petals have round tips and usually start blooming closer to mid-end of April.

The Magnolia Trees that are north of the park (right next to the children’s playground) bloom early April.

Greenwich Village

These large cherry blossom trees in the west village is typically on the streets of Waverly Place. Perry Street and Christopher Street also has beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

The Kwanzan Cherry Trees are stunning at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens! These start blooming early May and are planted as rows of trees. They are beautiful when they start blooming all together!

Best Locations in NYC to catch the Spring Cherry Blossoms

March 25, 2022




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