Questions to ask during your Venue Site Visit

Sam and Sue for their Strand Bookstore Wedding

This post is for my couples who are planning a wedding in New York City. Looking for a wedding venue can be so overwhelming! These are some questions to guide you through your initial consultation with your wedding venue. Here are 29 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue in New York City!

If planning a destination wedding, ask your venue what they would be providing you. At the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, the package provided catering, the ceremony and reception venue, invitations, parking tickets for 15% of our guests, wedding favors and a faux wedding cake, a two night stay, tea time at the Tiffany room and a couple spa. This made it so much easier when we were planning a wedding from New York. If you are interested in planning a wedding in Singapore, check out this post for wedding planning tips in Singapore here.

Payment Related Questions

What are your price differences for having a Saturday vs Sunday wedding?

What are your price differences for a weekday vs weekend wedding?

How much is the deposit?

Do you provide a payment plan?

What is the cancellation policy?

Guest Related Questions

What is the Maximum and Minimum capacity?

How many guests can fit into the dance floor?

Is there wheelchair Accessibility?

If planning a farm wedding upstate or an outdoor wedding, are there bathrooms for guests to use? Or are portable bathroom rentals needed?

Staff Availability

Will you have a wedding Coordinator on site and what are your responsibilities?

Can the venue’s staff handle personal items like guest place cards and personalized favors?

Catering Related Questions

Do you have in house catering service?

Do you provide on site catering? Is there a kitchen where caterers can use or will food have to be provided off site?

Do you provide Liquor or can we purchase our own Liquor from elsewhere? Is there a corkage fee?

Hotel Related Questions

Which hotels nearby do your previous clients get ready at? LINK: Venues in NYC that includes venues that has both a venue and a hotel package for you.

Wedding Venue Related Questions

If planning for a room switch over ( this is where you use the same space for the ceremony and the reception), will there be staff available to help with the switch? How much time is needed for this to happen? Where will guests go while this happens?

If you are booking an outdoor ceremony space, what is the rain day alternative plan?

When can we plan a rehearsal run through for the ceremony? Is there an additional cost for this?

How much time do vendors have for set up?

Can we schedule a venue walk through with our vendors? (Tip: We always try to visit a venue that I have not shot at before.)

Do our vendors require a COI? And does it need to be approved by the venue?

Is there a bridal suite to get ready at? If so, Is this an additional cost?

What are the restrictions when setting up wedding decorations? Does your venue allow you to drill through walls? Are standing structures only allowed? Can you use 3M tapes?

What time do we have the venue till? What is the overtime charge if your party goes longer than expected?

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30 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue in New York City

June 16, 2020




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