Angela and Alvin’s NYC pre-wedding photoshoot has been one of the highlights of my year so far.

The couple have certainly not had an easy one, with their wedding rescheduled multiple times due to Covid-19.

Yet they decided to instead make the most of things by having a pre-wedding photoshoot.

What is a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Unlike an engagement photoshoot which is a bit more casual, the pre-wedding photoshoot is usually more planned and formal.

It’s not uncommon to find couples in their Sunday best. Photos from the pre-wedding shoot are typically featured prominently on the day of the wedding.

This is very popular amongst couples in Asia. Many couples plan on doing these shoots overseas and I have actually done a few shoots with couples who have specially flown to NYC for their pre-wedding photoshoot!

What are the benefits of doing a pre-wedding photoshoot?

The wedding day can sometimes be incredibly stressful – with pictures being the last thing on your mind.

Knowing you’ve got your beautiful images sorted can take some off the pressure off your special day.

If you’re a travel bug, you can also take your photos and see New York City’s best sights and sounds at the same time – a win-win!

Non-traditional brides can also maximise their wedding dress by wearing it at the shoot. That way, you’ll get pictures of your dream dress across different dreamy venues.

How do I plan for a pre wedding photoshoot?

To get the best images that would mimic the real wedding day, I recommend hiring a hair and makeup artist. If you have the extra budget, consider a wedding bouquet as well!

But the most important thing is – dont stress. Remember, you’re here to enjoy your NYC pre-wedding photoshoot.

You don’t have to go all traditional!

Angela wanted to keep her wedding dress a surprise so she decided to wear this beautiful Rime Arodaky Wedding Jumpsuit.

We knew we might not get much wear of this gorgeous jumpsuit for the actual day. So the NYC pre-wedding photoshoot was a perfect way to change this.

We started at Felix Roasting Co for some cute coffeeshop images and then snapped a few photos on the streets of SOHO.

After that, we headed to the Highline to catch golden hour. The chemistry between the couple was incredible – and was beautiful to photograph.

It was a beautiful evening sunset session with the two of them.

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Intimate photoshoot in New York’s City SOHO and Highline

August 25, 2021




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