Let’s be honest, 2020 was rough. But 2021 will be the year where I think the trends are here to stay. One of my favorite parts about 2020 was shooting much smaller weddings that are packed with emotion, love and the support of the couple’s loved ones. I think smaller weddings will most likely be a “trend” that will be staying for years to come. Covid 19 has changed the way celebrations happen and I think it is for the better! Here is a list for the trends I predict in 2021.

Small Wedding, Big Designs

What I love the most about smaller weddings is that couples now have a bigger budget to splurge on more design details on their wedding day. I love how this tablescape was filled with beautiful florals from Scotts Flowers

Smaller Guest Counts with the people you truly love

Spending your wedding day with the people you love is so much sweeter than inviting 300 people you don’t know! I love how weddings are less performative and more genuine!

“Destination” Weddings planned locally

With travel bans and restrictions worldwide, couples now celebrate their weddings locally. One of my favorite parts about shooting weddings in NYC is that you get jaw dropping views like this one at Pebble Beach in DUMBO. With such classic backdrops like this one in NYC, celebrating locally would feel like a destination wedding!

Shopping Online for Street Size Wedding Dresses

Gone are the days where brides rush to find their dream wedding dress – only realizing that it takes 4-6 months for their dress to be fitted perfectly to their body shape! With elopements being planned under such a short amount of time, waiting for almost half a year to get a tailored wedding dress becomes secondary.

Shopping physically in retail stores is now a declining trend as buyers feel safer shopping online.

I love this dress from reformation and accessorized with a cathedral length veil that my bride wore for her Rockaway Wedding

The Unconventional Wedding Dress

I’ve been seeing lots of mini wedding dresses in the market- one that stood out to me is Before by Sarah Seven. I have always loved the sleek, minimal designs of Sarah Seven dresses! I was so excited to learn that there is an option for casual wedding dresses that still have a sense of elegance and timelessness to them!

Emphasis on Bridal Skin Care over Cakey Makeup Trends

Gone are the days with intense eye shadows and overly contoured jaw lines. With many of us spending more time at home, wearing makeup is no longer a daily ritual. I’m excited to see how changes in our daily lives will impact decisions made for your wedding day! I for-see an emphasis on bridal skin care which would act as a beautiful base for your makeup artist to work on.

Individual O’deur’s that are plated and served directly to each guest

Plated Dinner Course over buffet meals

Outdoor weddings with lots of natural light

Practical Wedding favors

Weekday Wedding Celebrations

2021 Bridal Trends

February 7, 2021




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